171113 5 Recovery Tips - CrossFit Fibre

Recovery days are great.
Especially when you have had a heavy week.
Some tips to aid in your recovery if you do not already know these:
#1 Get some quality zzzzzzz’s
Sleep is a very important part of your recovery process. Rebuilding your muscle fibres occur when you are asleep. You will need 7-8 hours of your sleep to maximise your recovery process. Your mind unwinds in the first 4 hours and whatever hours are left are then used for your muscular regeneration.
#2 Good quality foods
Get your nutrients in from good quality foods. Loads of veg, salads, and meat. Choose organic options and grass-fed meat. These may cost a little bit more, but then they are less harmful to you in the long run.
#3 Fish Oils
Omega 3’s and good quality fats are essential to your diet. Fats are so important in your diet as you are made up of saturated fats. Yes. You are made up of Fat. Fat is a vital ingredient of our diet. The other plus of Fish Oils is the anti-inflammatory effects which aid in your recovery process. It reduces your DOMS from training and makes training that much more pleasurable.
#4 More Mobility
It has been said, ‘do your homework’ stretch later and do some band work when you are sore. Do your static stretches on your legs. Your focus stretching is key to your recovery process and roll out those knots with the roller or the grid. Yes, it is tedious, yes it looks like you are lazy as lying around on some cylindrical object, moaning and groaning ‘weirdly’ as you grimace in satisfaction.
#5 Active Recovery
Move around more and get mobile. Walk more in the day, light jog even when it is stinging, but it is good for ya. Probably the last thing that is on your mind, but it will do you more good than being couched up. The more sedentary you are, the more it will hurt. You could work on your weaknesses which can be part of the recovery. Try some skills work, throw a ball, get those double unders.
Until tomorrow. Get Excited for the Week!