160314 Sunday Rest Day - CrossFit Fibre

So, we kind of had a rest after another go at the 14.3 WOD.
Well Done to Ian and Minda who both had a crack at 14.3 and both put up some awesome triple digit scores!
Awesomeness. Image is looking stretched from a screenshot.
Post WOD MObility:
Roll out those legs in the morning. Your hamstrings and calves would be feeling a little bit fragile from the WOD. Lacrosse ball or golf ball into those tight areas.
150314 Saturday
CrossFit Games 14.3
So the one that everyone has been waiting for. A heavy WOD. This one will get heavy real quick. Ascending weights and reps as well. Going the opposite of traditional strength rules of heavy weight-less reps.
Couple of Tips:
-Pace. Constant Pace is required. Break up the sets of Deads when required to suit your lactic build up. You will be useless when the burn sets in. Breaking the sets up into 5’s, 3’s or 1’s will be the key to getting through the large number of reps at the high weights.
-Listen to your core. If your core is failing, let it go and take the rest. FULL engagement of your mid section. Everything, core, lats, traps, abs, erectors, glutes, including your spincters need to be locked tight to make these heavy lifts.
-Don’t forget to drop your hips when the bar is on the ground. As many fatigue, many tend to stand taller, knees lock out more and hinge more in the lumbar region. Remember your setup position. Your last rep should look the same as your first rep.
-Breathe. Give yourself time to breathe. The breathing helps reduce the burn-build up.
-Use the Step Up Drop Down option allowed in the rules. This will make sure you will not fry your legs too quickly in the ballistic box jumps and saves on the jarring effect on the ankles and knees.
-Make sure you know which weights to put on for the different levels. Going through this once or twice in your mind is crucial in making sure there will be no errors in your WOD. Make sure your judge is not asleep.
Well Done to Ana who pulled a PB in reaching the 70kg Deadlift in the WOD! Phoar! Doesn’t she almost blend in into the wall?

Max Rep Ring Rows
3 Rounds
20m Sprints
20 Rounds; Walk Rest
Hang Squat Clean
Chin Ups
6 Rounds
200m Run
15KB Swings
10 Back Extensions
5 Situps
Well Done to Minda who pulled a PB in her Snatch at 45kg! Phoar!