101213 Frantic Tuesday - CrossFit Fibre

100 DU/ 500 SU
Vertical Ring Holds 6 Rounds
(Supine Ring hold option)
8 Rounds FT
200m Sandbag Run
8 Chin-ups
3min Rest
8 min AMRAP
15 Shoulder to Overhead
8 Burpee Bar Touches
Thoracic Rollouts
“It seems almost impossible until it is done” Nelson Mandela
Some interesting news. Crossfit Fibre is developing the team and services. We will be having massage services. We all know that as the training takes its toll on the body, we will be constantly riddled with bubbles and triggers in out muscles that will hinder movement and cause us significant discomfort.
Stay tuned as we finalise some systems to get it all in place so that everyone can come into the box and be rubbed out. The services provided will be Triggers and Sports Massage.
The massage team will also follow us exclusively into comps when we do participate and field teams.