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Bent Over Rows
10min Find 1RM SumoDeadlift High Pull
60% 1RM
Sumo Deadlift High Pull
Training Tip:
One very important in the skill transfer of the Sumo Deadlift High Pull is the shoulders shrugging and elbows rising. Getting used to this movements improve your ability to transition into the Rack Position.

Heat and Training
A paper from the University of Oregon shows that training in the heat can improve racing performance in the cold (Journal of Applied Physiology, October 2010). Twenty competitive cyclists continued their regular training. In addition, they completed ten 1.5-hour training sessions at 50 percent of their maximum effort (VO2max). However one group rode in a lab heated to 104 degrees, the other group rode in 55 degree lab.
The cyclists who were heat acclimated improved their time-trial performance four to eight percent, while the cold-trained group did not improve.
Training in the heat makes you a better athlete because it cools your body better. Since more than 70 percent of the energy used to drive your muscles is lost as heat, the harder you exercise, the more heat you generate and your body temperature rises. With each increase in body temperature, your body requires more oxygen to turn food to energy. Since lack of oxygen is the limiting factor to how fast you move and how much power your muscles generate, any increase in body temperature slows you down.
Training in the heat increases blood volume so you have more blood available to carry heat from hot muscles to your skin where the heat can be dissipated. sweating begins earlier and is more profuse to cool your skin, and the heart pumps hot blood to the skin faster. All these factors lower body temperature.
Some athletes may decide to heat train by wearing plastic or thermal suits. It could be dangerous because it prevents sweat from evaporating and a person could overheat and pass out or even die. You can help protect yourself from heat stroke by knowing the progressive signs of rising body temperature.
Article from DrMirkin.com
So regardless of the heat forecasts, the alleged energy saving excuses and Bikram CrossFit, the heat should not be a reason to miss out on WODs. Though it must be said that appropriate clothing must be worn and we must ensure to hydrate well and replace those electrolytes that are lost during the longer sweat intense WODs.
The article did refer to 104 degrees farenheit which equates to 40 degrees celcius. With tomorrows forecasts of over that number, it is your one good chance to get in and raise your VO2 max levels. We do not normally get these types of days (unless you are in Port Hedland). Don’t forget that Saturday WODs are now at 9am.
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